Fascinating Facets Gift Shop

In 1983, René and Nelleke and their daughter Iefje, started Fascinating Facets as a small gift shop selling crystals, fossils, jewellery and unique homewares. The underpinning principle was always to present only natural treasures sourced from all over the world.

Much like plants and animals, many crystals and gemstones are endemic to a specific country. And since René loves to travel, he has sourced the most reputable suppliers from all over the world.

• Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan
• Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Quartz crystal from Brazil and Uruguay
• Moonstone from Sri Lanka and Southern India
• Amber from the Baltic Sea
• Labradorite and ammonites from Madagascar
• Moldavite from the Czech Republic
• Shungite from Russia
• Nephrite jade from Canada
• Zeolites from India
• Opals from Coober Pedy, in South Australia

Some of these mines and manufactures have been dealing with Fascinating Facets and The Crystal Caves for two generations. Even today, when we buy stock, we still go direct to the suppliers in Brazil, Morocco or India. Or we go to the Tucson gemshow in Arizona where more than 4000 sellers congregate once a year. For you, that means low prices and assured authenticity.

Whether you are a budding collector like René or want a memento of your visit to The Crystal Caves, the gift shop is an experience in itself. A massive range of jewellery, homewares and souvenirs combined with music, lighting and passionate staff create a very welcoming ambience in the shop.

Fascinating Facets makes the local newspaper back in 1984

The original shopfront

Iconic local character dressed up as a rat for the Maize Festival in Atherton 1985

Fascinating Facets original gift shop

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