December 8, 2018

The Crystal Caves has added to its already sensory visitor experience with theme music composed by Australian band Kallidad.

Just how Kallidad, a band known for their trademark ‘Day of the Dead’ facepaint, flamenco guitars and mariachi style music was commissed to write music for The Crystal Caves is a journey that began last September when band member, Jacinko visited the attraction.

The Crystal Caves manager, Ghislaine Gallo, a fan of Kallidad for many years, said band member Jacinko’s visit provided a serendipitous opportunity to start talking about creating a piece of music for the museum.

“Following our initial meeting we continued discussions a few weeks later with the band, campside, at Wallaby Creek Festival,” Ms Gallo said.

According to Ms Gallo, after an intense few months of correspondence, emailing ideas and music back and forth, the final recording was completed in a studio in Sydney last month and has since been introduced to the museum with great acclaim from visitors.

“While Kallidad is renowned for upbeat and highly energetic mariachi style music, they embraced the challenge of creating a peaceful and inspiring 20 minute piece this is designed to enhance visitors’ self-guided tour of the crystal museum.

“While I love the Spanish influence of Kallidad, I also wanted a strong Australian cultural feel to the music and the boys have beautifully blended a didgeridoo into the piece,” she said.

Since 1987 The Crystal Caves attraction in the Tablelands’ town of Atherton has immersed visitors into its thrilling and fascinating underworld of minerology and semi-precious gems.

Hear the whole song here: Journey