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Wake up to Crystals Workshop!

By October 21, 2019 No Comments

People have been fascinated by the natural beauty of crystals for thousands of years. Crystals have been used by many different cultures throughout history for their healing properties and ‘magical’ powers long before the ‘New Age’ phenomenon that we see today.

Science discovered long ago that crystals generate, store and transmit energy. Just as Quartz crystals are used to transform energy from one form to another to operate our clocks, radios, mobile phones, even ultrasound machines, so too can they be used to transform the energy within our body.

The Crystal Caves is offering an introductory workshop to kickstart you on your journey into the wonderful world of crystals. Peta Davoren is an Intuitive and Crystal Energy Healer who will show you how to begin using crystals and their healing properties.

Different crystals have different properties and in this workshop, we will introduce you to some of the basic crystals that you will find in nearly every crystal collection. You will learn which crystals are used for protection, for grounding, enhancing intuition, general healing and more. We will show you how to cleanse and charge your crystals and give you hints and tips on how to choose and how to use your crystals.

Your workshop guide, Peta is a Psychic Medium. A Psychic is someone who can receive information for past, present and future, whilst a Medium can connect with family and loved ones who have passed over. While she instinctively knew at a very young age that she could perceive things that others described as ‘an active imagination’. It wasn’t until 2015 when she attended a Psychic Awakening workshop, that she rediscovered and started to explore her Psychic ability. Peta is also a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher, Seichim Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki®️ Master. The introduction to crystals workshop will run on Saturday, the 14th of December, at 10 am. If you are wanting to delve into the world of crystals and their healing properties or even just a little intrigued, be sure to book your spot. The workshop will run for approximately 2 hours. The cost is $55 and includes an Introduction to Crystals booklet with crystal guide, a guided tour of The Crystal Caves, a starter crystal kit of your choosing and 10% discount off any purchases in the shop.