What can I expect to see?

The Crystal Caves covers an area of 300m2 on two levels.

Average time in the museum is between 30 and 60 minutes. But the tour is self-guided so you can stay as long as you like.

At the entrance, you will be welcomed by a sliced Amethyst geode which creates a tunnel of sparkle.

Winding walkway – just like a real cave, the walkway has a low ceiling at the beginning. Here, delicate specimens are positioned just out of reach on either side of the ramp.
But you are welcome to roll the giant crystal ball at the bend in the ramp.

Fossil Gallery – Ancient fossils that you can touch include a Orthoceras between 480 and 200 million years old; a tribe of trilobites between 520 and 380 million years old and Australian ammonites from our own local Walsh river.

Fluorescent minerals – If you turn your headlamps off, you will see the full effect of fluorescent minerals that glow bright pink, green, yellow and purple under black light. Many of these minerals come from one place in Franklin, New Jersey. Under normal light most of these look as plain as driveway gravel.

Amethyst Sparkle Tunnel

Winding Walkway

Roll the giant crystal ball

Fossil gallery

Touch fossils millions of years old

Fluorescent Minerals

Watch them glow

Breathtaking 3.5m tall Amethyst

The Fairytale

Photography is welcome

Interactive displays

Learn about crystals, gemstones and fossils

Amethyst geode – now, you will enter a transcendent space where the massive amethyst geode stands 3.5 metres tall in a rose quartz crystal brook. It will take your breath away.

The fairytale is a space where you can sit in awe of hundreds of small crystals and agate slices on the ceiling as well as three selenite crystals from the cave of swords in Naica, Mexico.

The grotto grande is where it all began. Here, you will learn more about crystals, gemstones and fossils in interactive displays.

Photography is welcome.

In the glasshouse gallery you will find some of the most delicate crystalised mineral specimens. Due to their delicate nature, you will understand why these are kept safe behind glass.

Behind the black curtains, you will find the magic spheres. A solar system of fluorescent mineral spheres.


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Delicate crystalised mineral specimens

Solar system of fluorescent minerals

Interactive Map

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